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Board of Directors

View current and past NCBA board members. Use the search field to filter results by position, name or year. If you notice anything needing correction, please email the NCBA Webmaster. Only the current board members may be emailed.

2022 Board Members

Vice PresidentTodd
Membership SecretaryJared
Recording SecretaryJared
Board Member (1)Mike
Board Member (2)Matt
Board Member (3)Claude
Board Member (4)Brian
Board Member (5)Matt
Board Member (6)Jeff
Board Member (7)Bill
Board Member (8)Sterling
Golf CoordinatorJeff
Hotel CoordinatorGreg
Newsletter EditorClaude
Vendor CoordinatorBill
Scholarship CoordinatorMatt
Shop of the Year CoordinatorAaron
Social Media CoordinatorCodi

Past Board Members

PresidentAaron Watts2021
Vice PresidentCodi Nelson2021
TreasurerTerry Morris2021
Membership SecretaryJeremy Collins2021
Recording SecretaryTodd Rumple2021
Ex-OfficioBrian Lefler2021
Board Member (1)Claude Hargrove2021
Board Member (2)Dave Sciano2021
Board Member (3)Jeremy Collins2021
Board Member (4)Rich Solomon2021
Board Member (5)Matt Woods2021
Board Member (6)Bill Fry2021
Board Member (7)Jeff Hogan2021
Golf CoordinatorJeff Hogan2021
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson2021
Newsletter EditorBrian Lefler2021
Vendor CoordinatorBill Fry2021
Scholarship CoordinatorMatt Woods2021
Shop of the Year CoordinatorClint McCoy2021
Social Media CoordinatorCodi Nelson2021
WebmasterJeremy Collins2021
PresidentBrian Lefler, CHTM, CBET2020
Vice PresidentJeff Hogan2020
TreasurerTerry Morris2020
Membership SecretaryJeremy Collins2020
Recording SecretaryMary Coker2020
Ex-OfficioDavid Wilson, CBET2020
Board Member (1)Greg Lucas2020
Board Member (2)Codi Nelson, CBET2020
Board Member (3)Matt Woods2020
Board Member (4)Chris Carpenter2020
Board Member (5)Aaron Watts2020
Board Member (6)Bill Fry2020
Board Member (7)Clint McCoy2020
Golf CoordinatorAaron Watts2020
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2020
Newsletter EditorGreg Lucas2020
Vendor CoordinatorBill Fry2020
Scholarship CoordinatorMatt Woods2020
Shop of the Year CoordinatorClint McCoy2020
Social Media CoordinatorCodi Nelson, CBET2020
WebmasterJeremy Collins2020
PresidentDavid Wilson, CBET2019
Vice PresidentBrian Lefler, CBET2019
TreasurerTerry Morris2019
Membership SecretaryJeremy Collins2019
Recording SecretaryAaron Watts2019
Ex-OfficioGlenn Scales, CBET-E2019
Board Member (1)Chris Carpenter2019
Board Member (2)Jeff Hogan2019
Board Member (3)Claude Hargrove2019
Board Member (4)John Noblitt, CBET2019
Board Member (5)Ray Ongirski2019
Board Member (6)Bill Fry2019
Board Member (7)Ben Scoggins2019
Golf CoordinatorAaron Watts2019
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2019
Newsletter EditorBen Scoggins2019
Vendor CoordinatorBill Fry2019
Scholarship CoordinatorRay Ongirski2019
Shop of the Year CoordinatorBen Scoggins2019
Social Media CoordinatorCodi Nelson, CBET2019
WebmasterJeremy Collins2019
PresidentGlenn Scales, CBET-E2018
Vice PresidentDavid Wilson, CBET2018
TreasurerTerry Morris2018
Membership SecretaryJeremy Collins2018
Recording SecretaryAaron Watts2018
Ex-OfficioCodi Nelson, CBET2018
Board Member (1)Chris Carpenter2018
Board Member (2)Thomas Bresnahan, CBET2018
Board Member (3)Patrick Bright2018
Board Member (4)Boyd Campbell, CBET2018
Board Member (5)Ray Ongirski2018
Board Member (6)Clint McCoy, CBET2018
Board Member (7)Brian Lefler, CBET2018
Golf CoordinatorAaron Watts2018
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2018
Newsletter EditorPatrick Bright2018
Vendor CoordinatorBill Fry2018
Scholarship CoordinatorSusan Trombley2018
WebmasterJeremy Collins2018
PresidentCodi Nelson, CBET2017
Vice PresidentClint McCoy, CBET2017
TreasurerSally Goebel2017
Membership SecretaryJeremy Collins2017
Recording SecretaryTerry Morris2017
Ex-OfficioGlenn Scales, CBET2017
Board Member (1)Chris Carpenter2017
Board Member (2)Thomas Bresnahan, CBET2017
Board Member (3)Daniel Norman, CBET2017
Board Member (4)Boyd Campbell, CBET2017
Board Member (5)Susan Trombley, CBET2017
Board Member (6)John Noblitt, CBET2017
Board Member (7)Brian Lefler, CBET2017
Golf CoordinatorDaniel Norman, CBET2017
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2017
Newsletter EditorSusan Trombley, CBET2017
Vendor CoordinatorBoyd Campbell, CBET2017
WebmasterJeremy Collins2017
PresidentGlenn Scales, CBET2016
Vice PresidentCodi Nelson, CBET2016
TreasurerSally Goebel2016
Membership SecretaryTerry Morris2016
Recording SecretarySusan Trombley2016
Ex-OfficioClint McCoy, CBET2016
Board Member (1)Daniel Norman, CBET2016
Board Member (2)Robert Duvall, CRES2016
Board Member (3)Chad Granade2016
Board Member (4)Boyd Campbell, CBET2016
Board Member (5)Andrew Glover2016
Board Member (6)John Noblitt, CBET2016
Board Member (7)Thomas Bresnahan, CBET2016
Golf CoordinatorMichael Bargesser2016
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2016
Newsletter EditorBoyd Campbell, CBET2016
Vendor CoordinatorBoyd Campbell, CBET2016
WebmasterJeremy Collins2016
PresidentClint McCoy, CBET2015
Vice PresidentSteven Bowers2015
TreasurerSally Goebel2015
Membership SecretaryTerry Morris2015
Recording SecretaryCasey Smith2015
Ex-OfficioGlenn Scales, CBET2015
Board Member (1)Daniel Norman2015
Board Member (2)John Noblitt2015
Board Member (3)Chad Granade2015
Board Member (4)Michael Bargesser2015
Board Member (5)Ben Scoggin2015
Board Member (6)James Hannah2015
Board Member (7)Thomas Bresnahan, CBET2015
Golf CoordinatorMichael Bargesser2015
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2015
Newsletter EditorBen Scoggin2015
Vendor CoordinatorCodi Nelson, CBET2015
WebmasterJeremy Collins2015
PresidentGlenn Scales, CBET2014
Vice PresidentClint McCoy2014
TreasurerSally Goebel2014
Membership SecretaryChad Granade2014
Recording SecretarySteven Bowers2014
Ex-OfficioHelen Jones, CBET2014
Board Member (1)Daniel Norman2014
Board Member (2)John Noblitt, CBET2014
Board Member (3)Codi Nelson, CBET2014
Board Member (4)Michael Bargesser2014
Board Member (5)Paul Strachan2014
Board Member (6)Casey Smith2014
Board Member (7)Thomas Bresnahan, CBET2014
Golf CoordinatorDavid Wilson, CBET2014
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2014
Newsletter EditorJohn Noblitt, CBET2014
Vendor CoordinatorCodi Nelson, CBET2014
WebmasterJeremy Collins2014
PresidentHelen Jones, CBET2013
Vice PresidentGlenn Scales, CBET2013
TreasurerCodi Nelson, CBET2013
Membership SecretaryChad Granade2013
Recording SecretaryMike Rickman2013
Ex-OfficioAlison Lauer2013
Board Member (1)Paul Mundy2013
Board Member (2)Paul Strachan2013
Board Member (3)Alex Fox2013
Board Member (4)Billy McKenzie2013
Board Member (5)Linda Leitch2013
Board Member (6)Boyd Campbell, CBET, CRES2013
Board Member (7)Clint McCoy2013
Golf CoordinatorDavid Wilson, CBET2013
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2013
Newsletter EditorPat Lynch, CBET2013
Vendor CoordinatorBoyd Campbell, CBET, CRES2013
WebmasterJeremy Collins2013
PresidentAlison Lauer2012
Vice PresidentTony Bisese2012
TreasurerPaul Mundy2012
Membership SecretarySteven Comas2012
Recording SecretaryHelen Jones, CBET2012
Ex-OfficioChad Granade2012
Board Member (1)Alex Fox2012
Board Member (2)John Shore, CBET2012
Board Member (3)John Noblitt, CBET2012
Board Member (4)Codi Nelson, CBET2012
Board Member (5)Dan Harrison2012
Board Member (6)Boyd Campbell, CBET, CRES2012
Board Member (8)Clint McCoy2012
Golf CoordinatorDavid Wilson, CBET2012
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2012
Newsletter EditorPat Lynch, CBET2012
Vendor CoordinatorCodi Nelson, CBET2012
WebmasterJeremy Collins2012
PresidentChad Granade2011
Vice PresidentTony Bisese2011
TreasurerAlison Lauer2011
Membership SecretaryPat Lynch, CBET2011
Recording SecretaryJohn White2011
Ex-OfficioAlan Koreneff, CBET2011
Board Member (1)Mike McAuliffe2011
Board Member (2)David Wilson, CBET2011
Board Member (3)John Noblitt, CBET2011
Board Member (4)Codi Nelson2011
Board Member (5)John Shore2011
Board Member (6)Greg Johnson, CBET2011
Board Member (7)Paul Mundy2011
Golf CoordinatorDavid Wilson, CBET2011
Hotel CoordinatorGreg Johnson, CBET2011
Newsletter EditorAlison Lauer2011
Vendor CoordinatorCodi Nelson2011
WebmasterJeremy Collins2011
PresidentAlan Koreneff2009
Vice PresidentPat Lynch2009
TreasurerGreg Johnson2009
Membership SecretaryLisa Morton2009
Recording SecretaryDavid Wilson, CBET2009
Ex-OfficioGlenn Scales, CBET2009
Board Member (1)Gordon Radke2009
Board Member (2)Richard "Sonny" White2009
Board Member (3)John Noblitt, CBET2009
Board Member (4)Sam Collins2009
Board Member (5)David Francoeur, CBET2009
Board Member (6)Ronnie McBride, CBET2009
Board Member (7)Theresa Lord2009
Golf CoordinatorDavid Wilson, CBET2009
Hotel CoordinatorGordon Radke2009
Newsletter EditorSam Collins2009
Vendor CoordinatorJohn Noblitt, CBET2009
WebmasterJeremy Collins2009
PresidentDavid Wilson, CBET2007
Vice PresidentSonny White2007
TreasurerSteve Guerrant2007
Membership SecretaryTheresa Lod2007
Recording SecretaryGordon Radke2007
Ex-OfficioJohn Noblitt, CBET2007
Board Member (1)Sally Goebel2007
Board Member (2)Greg Johnson, CBET2007
Board Member (3)Helen Jones, CBET2007
Board Member (4)Alan Koreneff, CBET2007
Board Member (5)Ronnie McBride2007
Board Member (6)Michael McCoy2007
Board Member (7)Kevin Scoggin, CBET2007
Golf CoordinatorGordon Radke2007
Hotel CoordinatorHelen Jones, CBET2007
Newsletter EditorKevin Potts2007
Vendor CoordinatorTony Bisese2007
WebmasterGlenn Scales, CBET2007
PresidentJohn Noblitt, CBET2006
Vice PresidentKevin Potts2006
TreasurerParker Foster, CBET2006
Membership SecretaryGlenn Scales, CBET2006
Recording SecretaryGordon Radke2006
Ex-OfficioSonny Richards, CBET2006
Board Member (1)Tony Bisese2006
Board Member (2)Susan Cowan2006
Board Member (3)Sally Goebel2006
Board Member (4)Helen Jones, CBET2006
Board Member (5)Michael McCoy2006
Board Member (6)Kevin Scoggin, CBET2006
Board Member (7)David Wilson, CBET2006
Golf CoordinatorMichael McCoy2006
Hotel CoordinatorHelen Jones, CBET2006
Newsletter EditorGlenn Scales, CBET2006
Vendor CoordinatorTony Bisese2006
WebmasterGlenn Scales, CBET2006

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